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The Venice Review Writing Staff
Scott HyouCriticAlberta
Nathan CarterBook BloggerOH
Isabella BellamyNovelistNY
Jacob RichardsonRetired JournalistIN
Olivia KennedyLibrarian & BooksellerCA
Emily ThompsonWriterPA
Christopher ReedAudiophileT
Sophia MartinezEducatorNY
Madeline BrooksLibrarianOK
Zachary FisherWriterME
Lucas CampbellAudiophileNJ
Grace AndersonEditorQuebec
Henry PhillipsEditorNY
Emma StewartWriterIN
Nathaniel ParkerAudiophileWA
Sophie PhillipsLibrarianWA
David BakerFreelance WriterWI
Abigail YoungBloggerOH
Michael TurnerWriterNY
Sophia MendezAudiophileCA
Emma GibsonTeacherAK
Benjamin FloresMusicianCA
Caroline WrightAudiophileNH
William HayesWriterIL
Victoria ClarkWriterVA
Gabriel DiazElementary TeacherCT
Lily CooperLibrarianOH
Ella MorrisAudiobook EnthusiastTN
Daniel RodriguezSoftware DeveloperQuebec
Sophie AdamsBloggerME
Gabriel WalkerTeacherFL
Emily WardMusic TeacherBrazil
Lily PriceFreelance WriterIL
Zoe CollinsJournalistMI
Nicholas ThompsonAudiophileNY
Daniel SandersWriterPA
Samantha HughesAudiobook ReviewerPA
Emma MartinezAudiobook EnthusiastNY
Charlotte RiveraEditorNY
James PerezAudiobook FanFL
Emily CookAudiobook LoverNY
Joshua ColemanWriterCA
Madison PriceAudiobook ReviewerMA
Logan KingWriterTX
Samantha DiazTeacherIL
Michael ThompsonWriterMA
Ella HayesAudiobook EnthusiastTX
Emily WalkerFreelance WriterNY
Michael MitchellAudiobook FanNY
Sophia TaylorWriterFL
Aiden WrightAudiobook EnthusiastNC